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Auto check
Auto Check describes a process which automatically inspects a computer's hardware profile and reports results in your browser. The resulting report is similar to Windows Device Manager with additional information and a more intuitive layout. The profile is then used to create a system power analysis and recommendation. Auto Check takes less than 30 seconds to complete with privacy and security assured.
Download and run the Hardware Analysis program. The program will run once and close. It will not permanently install or create icons.
Upon completion, please bookmark your system's webpage for future reference. Or use a autocheck account to manage your systems.
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows .NET Framework v2.0. The Framework is pre-installed on most Windows systems or installed during Windows software updates. To find your .NET Framework version(s), open Windows Explorer and paste %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework into address bar. The resulting folders will contain released versions of .NET. v2.0.50727 is the required version. It is fine if other versions are also present.